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Volunteer or donate to Children

We, as a free volunteer service and CHURCH OF THE STREET , are inviting you to join us as volunteers and/or finanical contributors to help support Pastor Dana Kumar orphanage of 24  children in India. The love offerings and donations would be paid to Pastor Dana Kumar who is the founder of the orphanage in Tanuku, India. As a college graduate of U.C. Davis and an ordained Minister via National Associaton of Christian Ministers, I, along with my ministry partner, Zachary Miller, have joined together in hands, as partner with Pastor Kumar, in helping support the Orphanage in India. Primarily, our short term mission is to supply all children with school supplies, tuition and uniforms, yearly.


Secondary to our short term mission, our long term mission is to provide permanent housing for the 24 orphan Children. Education is vital to growth, development, safety, and acheiving success.Children are our future generation and hope for change; change begins today! Let us bridge together by demonstrating action and setting an example on how to love our neighbor as ourselves and be a good samaritian, as Jesus commanded.  Lastly, let us embrace and share the same vision, as helping hands,  to teach, mentor and transform children into mature, productive and healthy adults, equipt for victory and success . We hope that these children and all worldwide develope into future adults,  with outstanding leadership quailities and a promising affect on our homes, government, health industry and economy, worldwide. Children without parents and a home deserve a second chance. Each impoverished child is entitled, by God, to receive all the love, support, guidance and future opportunities that we can offer. So, let us form a bridge of unity and may we join hands in partnership, commmunity outreach, and works of charity and compassion.



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Ways to help donate to educational needs of Orphan Children:

1) Purchase Collection of Bible Stories for Children online at Barnes and and/ or , under Elizabeth Courtney Maas. All proceeds from the sales of book will go to Children Orphanage in India and be paid directly to Pastor Dana Kumar.

2) Send a payment via free Paypal account under "Goods and Services: directly to Pastor V Dana Kumar at

3) Call Zachary Miller, regarding interest in volunteering to assist with homeless in community on Sundays :
Contact Cell (916)832-4907